Each case is treated individually and always with the skin's naturalness and Natural Beauty in mind.

Every aesthetic intervention that I perform on the skin is done under the guidance of the Delphic Order "Metron Ariston" in order to give the skin its healthy natural properties and its beautiful personalized image.

Every person has a special beauty by nature.

My goal is always to identify with the person their real needs in order to improve the image of the skin, whether it concerns the face or the body.

This requires a specific approach and consistency in the protocols we will apply. Certified materials are always applied, exclusively by me, who also bears full responsibility for the medical procedures in all three of my Dermatology clinics.

Bikos E. George

Dermatologist - Venereologist

Graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens, year 2007.

Full 5-year successful specialization in Dermatology-Veniresiology-Dermatosurgery, holding a salaried position at the Dermatology Center of Nürtingen ¹ Germany, as well as at the Dermatology/Dermato-Oncology Clinic of the Klinikum Kassel (Haut-Tumor-Zentrum, HTZ) ² in Kassel, Germany, in who worked for 3 years as Curator A.



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